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We provide professional OCR, ICR and Data Entry Service

OCR Service: We convert Jpeg, Tiff, Pdf and any other image file to Word, Excel, Text or to any other word processing file format.
ICR Service: We accuratly extract handwriting data from scanned filled in forms with ICR software in conjuction with OCR software.
Data Entry Service: Manual Data Entry consist of keyers typing printed data that cannot be processed with OCR nor ICR technologies.

What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is the abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition and it is the electronic conversion of scanned images of printed text into Word Processing softwares file format, commonly to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or text file. It is widely used as a type of data entry from some kind of data source, books, documents etc. It is the main method of digitizing printed texts so that they can be edited, copied, searched, stored compactly, shared.
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Experience of 10 years with OCR and ICR Technologies


Secure processing with inhouse employed clerk (optional)


Documents are processed synchronously by multiple professionals

Cost Effective

OCR and ICR services are cost effective services comparing to manual typing

High Quality

Process and results are reviewed and controlled several times
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