Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

What is Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Intelligent Character Recognition is the advanced technology that enables computers to extract data that cannot be extracted with OCR technology. In addition to printed text handwritings, checkbox and symbols can be converted to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Plain Text, Microsoft Word or can also be inserted to databases.

How Intelligent Character Recognition Software works

Comparing to OCR software, ICR softwares are using the Artificial Intelligence technology to update the recognition database to increase the recognition accuracy. The evolution of ICR technology started with Automated Form Processing. The main idea is to capture data filled out on preprinted forms with human handwritings and to insert data to a database or to another digital environment.

What can be done with ICR Technology

  • Extracting data from filled out form with handwritings

    All information on preprinted form filled out by a human with handwritings and cheched box checked or radio button marked with a pen and also preprinted text can be transfered to any database or digital environment.

  • What kind of document can be processed with ICR software

    • Appliance forms
    • Medical claims
    • Insurance claims
    • Surveys
    • Market research
    • Feedback forms
    • Legal documents
    • Resumes

What is OCR ?

OCR is the conversion of scanned images of printed text to editable text.

What is ICR ?

ICR is the technology to extract and save printed text, handwritings and symbols to editable text.