Manual Data Entry

What is Manual Data Entry

Manual Data Entry is the way to digitize data that cannot be digitized with OCR and ICR technologies. Data printed or written to paper with handwritings are typed to computer by typist or data entry clerk. This method is the most human effort needed methods to digitize data.

How we process Data Entry Projects

  • Assigning jobs

    Customer approved files are splited and published in a member designated area to assign each piece to another typist to accelerate processing time.

  • Merging typed documents

    All processed documents are merged as the original file experienced staff.

  • Page Design

    Page design is done as the original design

  • Review

    The completed documents are reviewed by experienced staff and typing mistakes are corrected.

What kind of document can be digitized with Manual Data Entry

  • Handwritten Books
  • Letters
  • Survey
  • Application Forms

What is OCR ?

OCR is the conversion of scanned images of printed text to editable text.

What is ICR ?

ICR is the technology to extract and save printed text, handwritings and symbols to editable text.